When to TRIOS® Scan a Patient?

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 2:43pm EST Barbara Jurim 0

A lot of dentists look into purchasing an intraoral scanner and think only about the restorative workflow benefits it will provide. Sure, it will streamline the single crown workflow but there is so much more power to this digital tool than just this simple service. The concept of using your TRIOS® scanner as a diagnostic tool is so powerful and something all digital dentists need to grasp.

What diagnostic advantages are we referring to? You may be thinking we are referring to using the TRIOS® like a high-def intraoral camera. And yes, while that is a cool diagnostic option for you to use, we are looking at a much bigger picture here.
In our digital office we have adopted a philosophy of “scan EVERY patient EVERY time”. What this means is that in addition to all the restorative treatment we perform with our TRIOS®, we also do a study model scan as part of the new patient experience. We also scan each patient at every periodic exam. Scanning is so quick it doesn’t add any appreciable time to these visits. But what it does do is add a wealth of information about how the oral conditions in our patient develop and evolve over time.

This concept of digital patient monitoring is tremendous- it aids in diagnosis and provides us invaluable information years later if a patient needs work done. We’ve treated patients that have developed TMD by designing appliances that use the specific interocclusal relationship that was recorded years ago when they were asymptomatic. When that emergency patient shows up with #9 fractured at the gumline, we’ve been able to copy design final restorations using the aesthetics of a diagnostic study model scan. And we can demonstrate to patients overtime how their oral condition is deteriorating for them to understand the importance of treatment and provide informed consent.

The benefits of digital are tremendous and there’s so much more to your TRIOS® than just scanning for a single crown- I invite you to explore CADproAcademy.com’s online learning and live CE events to get more out of your TRIOS® and maximize your ROI.