CADpro Academy Faculty Conquer Chicago 2018

Fri, 03/02/2018 - 2:50pm EST Barbara Jurim 0

The faculty were actively spreading their wealth of digital knowledge all over at exciting events in Chicago last week. The week started out with Drs. Alan and Barbara Jurim, with the help of Sunil Abraham, presenting to a sold-out crowd at the ACP 2018 Digital Dentistry Symposium. Their half-day course focused on training attendees hands-on on the newest features available with 3Shape’s TRIOS intraoral scanners and its software modules. “Being able to show how to maximize the technologies capabilities hands-on and to answer questions in real-time makes these events so useful”, enthused Dr, Barbara Jurim. With the program well-received, discussions are now in the works to expand this program for next year’s meeting.


The week continued with the faculty seeing firsthand the newest offerings in digital treatments a the 2018 Chicago Midwinter Meeting. “We are always looking to stay ahead on where digital will take the field of dentistry, and connecting with industry leaders at meetings like the Chicago Midwinter meeting is essential to doing so” explained Sunil Abraham. Some show highlights included Ivoclar’s ProgaMil1 and 3Shape’s TRIOS MOVE, two pieces of technology ahead of the game in working to simplify the clinical delivery of digital dentistry.


The end of the week saw Dr. Alan Jurim speaking again, this time with 2 presentations at LMT Lab Day Chicago 2018. Specifically, Dr. Jurm spoke for Roland on the topic of the vast uses of 3D printing in dental manufacturing. He also spoke alongside Dr. Nareen Rajan for 3Shape on the exciting new digital workflows using their TRIOS intraoral scanner. With Chicago 2018 done, Dr. Alan Jurim exclaimed, “It’s been an exhausting week, but we’re leaving full of excitement for the future potential in digital dentistry. I can’t wait for next year!