CADpro Academy’s Webinar on TRIOS Excitement App “Smile Designer” Reaches Worldwide Audience

Fri, 02/08/2019 - 9:31pm EST Barbara Jurim 0

The desire to have a gorgeous smile is universal, something that spans across cultures around the globe. And while the definition of beauty may differ across continents, the need to provide these treatments to patients in a predictable manner that meets their expectations is a challenge faced by all dental clinicians. This dilemma has been easily solved with TRIOS and the Smile Designer excitement app. With Smile Designer clinicians can provide accurate virtual simulations chairside to manage patient expectations and motivate them to sign on for treatment right then and there. It is also an incredibly powerful communication tool to be used with your laboratory to ensure the digital design returned is similar to you and your patient’s specifications.

What we have found at CADpro Academy is that there is a huge number of TRIOS dentists out there that are completely unaware of all it has to offer, like Smile Designer. To this end we recently offered a free webinar on Smile Designer to demonstrate firsthand just how powerful this 3Shape excitement app can be. In addition to reviewing basic concepts in aesthetics and digital smile analysis, the webinar covered up-to-date digital photography systems and featured an in-depth live demonstration of the Smile Designer software. The webinar was a huge success, with a global audience tuning in to see it live. Look out for future webinars on other TRIOS excitement apps, like Virtual Patient Monitoring, and check out our listing of in-person CE courses for more instruction on digital dentistry at