3Shape® Introduces TRIOS® AI Scanning!

Tue, 11/13/2018 - 5:05pm EST Barbara Jurim 0

     To those new to the world of intraoral digital impressioning, learning to avoid capturing soft tissues has often posed one of the biggest challenges. Soft tissue artifacts slow the learning curve when first adopting digital intraoral impressioning and add to overall scanning time when impressioning has to be halted to trim undesirable soft tissue areas. Adopting different techniques, such as using an OptraGate™ and following the recommended scan strategy, have helped minimize the issue of soft tissue artifacts being captured in a digital intraoral impression. There are still certain instances, however, despite an operator’s skill level were soft tissue artifacts are unavoidable, like when the floor of the mouth overlays onto the occlusal surfaces of the teeth. All these problems have been solved with the recent introduction of TRIOS® AI Scanning at last month’s Inaugural 3Shape Community Symposium.

     TRIOS® AI Scanning allows any user of any skill level to capture accurate digital intraoral impressions with greater ease in less time. Specifically, the TRIOS® AI Scan uses artificial intelligence to intuitively cuts out any soft tissue, including the tongue, floor of mouth, buccal mucosa, etc., leaving you with an accurate impression of the desired areas within the dental arch. The end result of TRIOS® AI Scanning is a more accurate, faster digital impression which makes learning to complete an intraoral scan easier. Which in turn gives the clinician greater confidence to delegate scanning to an auxiliary team member. TRIOS AI Scan will be available on all TRIOS® models so adopting digital impressioning in your modern practice has never been easier! 

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