This program is not to be missed by anyone who has achieved a level of comfort with their TRIOS scanner and wants to take their digital office to the next level. In this enlightening two day hands-on program, see firsthand how the digital age has increased the precision, accuracy, and success in completing full-arch reconstructions. We will present the necessary digital tools and records for predictable digital case analysis and treatment planning. Next, the digital scanning workflow detailed in this course will effortlessly solve the age-old challenges faced by the analog restorative dentist, including predictably maintaining the desired restorative vertical dimension and jaw relationship. Leave having learned the TRIOS® work-arounds for successful full arch digital reconstructions.

Day 1: “The Complete Digital Diagnostic Workup”
During this first day, the digital tools required for digital case analysis and treatment planning will be covered in great detail. Get hands-on experience using the newest hardware and software in digital photography. Learn proper order creation, scan streams, server-client relationships, and TRIOS® scanning tricks from the 3Shape® TRIOS® experts to enhance making useful and accurate digital records. Understand how all your digital records, including photographs, video, CBCT, TRIOS® scans, etc., can be merged to enhance your case analysis and predictably plan desired case outcomes.  

Day 2: “The Complex Interocclusal Registration with TRIOS®”
On of the biggest challenges in full arch reconstructions is how to record and maintain the desired restorative jaw relationship. The dated analog method of sectioning provisionals introduces a potential for error and inconsistency that often made restoring such cases frustratingly complex. In this program, we will review the digital work-arounds for accurately recording the desired interocclusal relationship with TRIOS® in full arch reconstructions and precisely maintaining it throughout the entire course. Master this CADprotocol hands-on one-on-one with our certified TRIOS® trainers and see how it can be extended to other treatments, like bite splint therapy and sleep appliance therapy. Lastly, the process of precisely building a TRIOS® impression for full-arch reconstructions will be reviewed to complete the skill set needed to provide your patients with full arch digital reconstructions.

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Learning Objectives: 
  • Learn firsthand the digital tools and records needed for digital case analysis and treatment planning
  • Understand the method for combining digital data sets when treatment planning
  • Learn hands-on the method for recording and maintaining the complex interocclusal registration with TRIOS®
  • Learn how to record the proper jaw relationship with TRIOS® for bite splint therapy and sleep appliance therapy
  • Learn the tricks to building accurate full-arch TRIOS® impressions
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