This is the intensive, clinically-relevant training you wish you got when your TRIOS® was delivered to your office! This program is designed to empower your practice’s digital team with the fundamental skills required of any modern digital dental office. Taught by TRIOS® experts, this hands-on event will review effective and efficient intraoral scanning skills and techniques for successful digital treatment workflows. Attention will be paid to demonstrate how your practice can maximize the benefits of its digital investments. Auxiliary attendees will receive a skills & knowledge assessment to certify learning improvements at course completion. 

Day 1- Topics to be covered the first day of this program include:
                    ● Patient scheduling to maximize production in the digital office
                    ● TRIOS® scanner maintenance
                    ● Prescription order creation
                    ● Consolidating data sets and file hierarchy
                    ● An overview for TRIOS® Study Model scanning

Day 2- Topics to be covered during the second day of this program include:
                    ● Hands-on training on the best scanning practices for
                         study models, crowns, inlays/onlays, and implants
                    ● Review of post-processing TRIOS®
                    ● Detailed instruction on the Analyze Page


Learning Objectives: 
  • Introduce concepts of digital dentistry to your digital team members- Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Staff, and Auxiliaries
  • Learn how to efficiently setup and use the TRIOS® in the operatory for predictable and successful scanning results 
  • Learn the best practices for basic TRIOS® intraoral scanning 
  • Become familiar with basic software interface, tools, workflows, and lab communications


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Event Dates

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